North Shore Scrap Steel
Anything metal is worth money!
We pay cash for junk cars, trucks, appliances and more...

Buyers of Non-Ferrous & Precious Metals
• Copper   • Brass   • Aluminum   • Stainless   • Lead

Roll-Off Containers
15 to 50 Yard Available

Portable Scale

Pick-Up Service

Cash Paid

North Shore Scrap Steel
photo Trucking services with a fleet of end dump vehicles that are able to accommodate big and small projects. LEARN MORE
Residential Services
Recycle For Cash!

Small and Large Appliances, Cars
Many other items containing metal or plastic

Dispose of your unwanted metal items in an environmentally friendly way. and make money at the same time! LEARN MORE

Commercial Services
Demolition - We are able to accommodate big and small projects. In addition to quality customer service, we pay highly competitive prices for materials. LEARN MORE

We will work with your manufacturing team to analyze your scrap metal material, design a plan to streamline the handling of your scrap, and will maximize the return on your bottom line. LEARN MORE

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